I’ve kept the tasting notes short & sweet to whet the appetite but the awesome stories behind the labels are begging to be told, so hit me up for a virtual tasting! A rad opportunity to get up close & personal with the winemakers, their ethos & process & the inspiration behind the contents of their hand crafted bottles.

Aside from my pash for minimal intervention wines I have a real sweet spot for an emerging territory. Since ’08 I’ve been flying & sailing clients all over the world for kick-ass wine adventures & working with regions & countries all over the Globe. So, alongside my natty wines, I’ve set up an Emerging Territories category; not exclusively ‘natural’ or minimal intervention but awesomely unusual, culturally significant & very hard to locate elsewhere in the UK…

Mix & match case option with bespoke pricing for Emerging Territory wines (min order 6 bottles). Postage available to UK mainland. Grape Slayers natural wines free delivery within the Southsea radius.

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