Tolbos ‘16, Lowerland, South Africa


Bertie is a 6th gen winemaker in the not-so-classical winemaking region of the northern Cape. It’s practically a desert up there but Bertie’s vineyards  are at such a high bloody altitude 1000 feet above sea level that the African heat is moderated, creating unique growing conditions! After a not-so-swift 12 hour ride from Prieska to Stellenbosch the grapes see whole bunch spontaneous fermentation with a twice daily foot stomping by the winemakers. Aged for 14 months in old French oak barriques, the finely balanced tannins & acidity create a stunning & lengthy mouthfeel driven by dark red fruits & spices. This wine is glorious proof that ‘not-so’s’ can be so-good in the right hands. This baby is crying out for a red meat & umami party in your mouth- get in there!

Varietal: Tannat

Prieska, South Africa

Organic, small batch, vegan, high altitude

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