The Porange Pack, Calcarius


Calcarius Nu Litr Orange ‘19

The Calcarius range is a kick ass avant-garde natty project by the legend that is Valentina Passalacqua. Her love for the calcerous limestone earth of her home shines so brightly through these elegant, mineral stunners… you may need to shield your eyes. Enhanced by a kiss of salinity from the Adriatic, this sexy skin contact evokes spring herbs & oriental spices on the nose. The crunchy freshness on the palate delivers mandarin & orange & frankly a litre just ain’t enough. I suggest you open 2.

Varietal: Falanghina
Puglia, Italy
Biodynamic, unfiltered, vegan

Calcarius Freccianera NV

Oh hey there, beautiful! This bright, crisp, effervescent rose pet nat will literally add sparkle to your life, piercing your heart with love, like it’s namesake: Black Arrow. It’s the ULTIMATE picnic wine with crunchy watermelon-esque wetness & soft mouth filling bubbles.
Bright, crisp & tantilisingly tart she delivers red berry, mango & lychee with a background of herbaceous leafiness for balance.
Grown 150m above sea level there’s a nuance of salinity from the Adriatic & this Magna Graecia varietal, the result of historical cultural fusion, sings like a bird under these conditions.

Varietal: Nero di Trois
Puglia, Italy
Biodynamic, unfiltered, vegan

Calcarius Nu Litr Rosa Puglia ‘19

This energetic pinky smacks of cranberry & pomegranate on the nose & you can practically feel the sensation of freshness drifting through your nasal passages from the stainless steel fermentation.
Great chunks of calcerous limestone jut between the vines, adding to the mouthfeel & the decisive elegance on the palate throws up some juicy strawberry realness. This element makes the floral notes pop & the neon hue energises just through observation…
Decisive & light on it’s feet with a whisperingly silky finish.
‘Per favore Signora posso averne ancora…?’

Varietal: Negroamaro
Puglia, Italy
Biodynamic, unfiltered, vegan

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