Sgarzella ‘19, Podere San Biagio, Italy


Picture a hot-ass day in the Abruzzo mountains; you’ve been herding your flock all damn day & you’re thirsty as hell. Then, over the next peak you spy a fresh water spring & it’s calling you…summoning you with its siren’s lure to refresh: Sgarzella she’s called. These lush bubbles are the perfect quenching tribute smacking of blossom & spices with a driving fruit palate of pineapple & pear. Prior to fermentation the grapes spend 2-3 days on the skin to extract colour & texture. The juice then rests in stainless steel until winter before bottling with a top up of the must from the previous vintage to kick-start a secondary fermentation. Young gun Jacopo farms a teeny 5 hectares of vines for this wine within a significant eco conscious agro legacy where they have been restoring ancient native heritage crops to the landscape & reclaiming an environmentally sound supply chain. Authenticity, integrity & a firm honouring of legacy & tradition, so much love for these guys.

Varieties: Passerina

Abruzzo, Italy

organic, vegan, unfined, minimal intervention

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