Rustikal ‘18, Pivnica Brhlovce, Slovakia


16th century rock dwellings dug into compressed volcanic ash, where winemaker Jan’s grandmother once lived, were the inspo for this stunning wine ‘Peasant Memories’. Jan’s wine cellar now resides within these caves in the UNESCO village of Brhlovce, under the volcano, Sitno. The cold yet humid microclimate is unpredictable & the wild variation between vintages just enhances the uniqueness & intrigue. The white & red Vitis Lambrusca grapes were so thin skinned they had to be shaken from the vines to harvest to preserve the berry in tact. After de-stemming & crushing the grapes spent 10 days fermenting in an open vat on skins. Aged in old French oak 220L barrel for 10 months before bottling, the resulting wine is light, bright red with a nose of pure forest strawberries & nostalgic sweet shop cherries. With barely-there tannin this is very nawty neckable grown up juice…laid back, whimsical lushness.

Varietal: Lambrusco

Brhlovce, Czech

Organic, unfiltered, vegan

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