Pivnica Brhlovce: Bla Bla


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Winemaker Jan’s cellar is the same dug out cave in the side of the Sitno volcano that his grandmother used as a kitchen. Swoon-worthy heritage right there. Jan makes teeny quantities of his epic wines so we’re super lucky to get our sticky paws on some. This pet nat has a lower pressure than most sparkling wines & presents more like an Italian frizzante- perfect for the beach or brekky! The 50+year old vines were hand harvested and the grapes were immediately crushed & pressed before fermentation in stainless steel at a low temperature. This light red sparkler oozes juicy strawberries & cherry with a keen lick of acidity, she’s the definition of uber refreshing & lighthearted lushness, the ultimate spring/summer companion: Bla bla + buddies = beautiful

Varietal: Blaufrankish

Nitra, Western Slovakia

Organic, unfiltered, volcanic


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