Party-Zan Pet-Nat White ‘19, Sklep58, Czech


Sklep means cellar in Czech & Jakub & Filip’s is an ancient 120 years old.

These young bros source their grapes from the private organic vineyards of their old Uni lecturer, who just so happens to be viticulture pioneer & grape breeder, Vlastimil Perina! These particular gems of nature were hand harvested from 35 year old vines in loess soil, 280m above sea level. After de-stemming, crushing & 1 day of maceration on skins, the juice was siphoned into glass demijohns to begin a spontaneous fermentation before bottling. Be warned…this party animal is so damn keen it literally LEAPS out of the bottle, so hold at arms length over a container! Refreshing & lushly complex, this fun chappy has a gorgeous mouth-filling mousse showing gently bruised apple, bright lemon & white blossom kissed by brioche.

Varietal: Muller Thurgau

Pavlov, Czech

Biodynamic, unfiltered, vegan

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