Nibiru: Ancestrale Rose ‘20


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Nibiru is a red dwarf star, a mini solar system that carries along with it 7 planets orbiting around each other. Nibiru is close to 5X bigger than Jupiter, making it 23 times larger than the earth, & the centre of the Mayan doomsday prophecies- a pretty epic name indeed. The grapes are from 25 year old vines grown on dark clay with a little gravel & loam. After hand harvesting they were destemmed and macerated overnight before pressing. Both varieties were fermented together in steel tanks before bottling as per the ‘ancestral’ or Pet Nat method. Fermentation was completed in bottle, giving the wine its lush moussey fizz. This beauty is technically technically a rosé, but the deep colour and darker fruit & spice notes from the Blauer Portuguieser in the blend (70/30, with Zweigelt making up the rest and lending the snappy red fruit and acid) can also tip it comfortably into the juicy red category. Chill her before serving, she’s out of this world…!

Varietals: 70% Blauer Portugieser, 30% Zweigelt

Kamptal, Austria

Organic, Biodynamic practises, unfiltered, sustainable, vegan





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