Natural Cork Killer ‘19, Les Caves des Nomades, France


Zé is an artist & winemaker, intertwining the 2 dynamics as a glorious outlet for personal inspiration. He channels viticulture as creativity (& vice versa!) & the resulting wines sing like goddamn angels under the influence. The relatively young vines were planted in the 90’s & the soil is dominated by shale & schist which promotes a complexity along with genuine freshness and minerality. The Grenaches undergo a 4 day carbonic maceration, where an anaerobic environment is created by pumping carbon dioxide into a sealed container filled with whole grape clusters. The CO2 gas permeates through the grape skins and begins to stimulate fermentation at an intracellular level. So the berries stay in tact for optimum fruitiness & freshness; it’s pretty damn cool. The Syrah is direct pressed with both fermentations sparked by indigenous yeast & after 4 months in stainless steel the wines are bottled, unfiltered. She’s light & hella juicy, perhaps the very definition of glou glou itself! With tantalising perfumed aromas of melon & lychee she’s got s a lush structure with a little grip. Bright, fresh, epically food friendly & totally lust worthy she’s my new favourite obsession.
Organic, small batch, vegan

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