Meet the Gang, Delinquente


Delinquente Tuff Nutt Pet Nat

Hailing from Puglia, this rare varietal is the only planting in the whole of Aus & a talent like whippersnapper winemaker Con-Greg is equally hard to find. The nose of this sparkling smasher kicks off with bready, brioche aromas leading onto a totally tropical palate of lychee, honeydew & pineapple. The long zippy finish carries a satisfying savoury note that demands you take another sip immediately…don’t deny your instincts…get smashing! The art work for Tuff Nutt & the gang is bought to life by the uber talented Adelaide street artist, Ankles.

Varietal: Bianco d’Alessano
Riverland, Australia
minimal intervention, vegan, small batch

Delinquente Screaming Betty ‘20

Originally from Sardinia, these renegade grapes are starting mouth parties all over Riverland with their floral, flirtatious freshness. The nose picks up an orange peel, citrusy element before the palate drives you into stone fruit & white peach with a wicked acid line that cleans up the back end. A hit of sea spray & briny savouriness delivers a lush long finish & slaps a smile on your chops. Nice one, Betty! Delinquente so named for their tendency to buck trends, break rules & do things their way…much respect.

Varietal: Vermentino
Riverland, Australia
minimal intervention, vegan, small batch

Delinquente: Roxanne The Razor ‘20

Oof, these 2 Italian varietals just luuurve the hot dry Summers of Riverland! The NND is a truly sultry juice bomb that sings in harmony. The native Calabrian grape Negroamaro brings an earthy, savoury vibe to the table while the noble Nero d’Avola of Sicily balances the game with its bright, sour cherry & backbone of acid. All brooding smoky, spicy allure this is a damn sexy red I’ve got one hell of an appetite for. She’s a paradoxically energetic yet effortless no brainer!

Varietal: Negroamaro, Nero d’Avola
Riverland, Australia
minimal intervention, vegan, small batch

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