MarvlaTINDO: Sedimental Kapitola III ‘18


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Buddies MarTIN & VlaDO (hence the namesake) have been home fermenting to epic success & are keen to share their awesome wines to the wider collective, which makes us very lucky nattyheads! Their vines grow on the slopes of the stratovolcano caldera Sitno which erupted around 15 million years ago, leaving in it’s wake hardened ash compressed to porous tuff, forming bedrock. The grapes were harvested in ’18 & the still wine rested on fine less for a year before an addition of fresh grape juice was added to spark a secondary fermentation in bottle, producing a lush mousse of bubbles. Pop that crown cap & fill your nose with it’s vibrant zinging freshness smacking of green & red apple…it’ll set your taste buds dancing with it’s keen acidity & leave you wanting more. Honest, authentic & delish!

Varietal: Welshriesling

Nitra, Western Slovakia

Organic, skin contact, unfiltered, volcanic, vegan


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