L’Archetipo Verdeca Sette Luna ‘17


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Verdeca is an indigenous grape that Valentino & his 4 children are rescuing under their motto of  regeneration. The crew view their wine-making process as deeply holistic, seeing their wine simply as a communication tool to share with the world the virtues of regenerative no-till farming, which welcomes life to thrive in their soils. After hand harvesting & de-stemming the grapes are softly squeezed & left to macerate in steel. ‘Sette Lune’ refers to the seven moon cycles they allow the wine to spend on its skins- not months, moon cycles- indicative of their commitment to biodynamics. The wine is then gently pressed to separate the skins before 2 years further ageing in steel. Despite a hearty maceration length, the wine is not overly orange in colour, or tannic in structure, but instead showcases lush aromatics an amazing salinity. She throws a herbaceous nose; fruity, floral, spicy & mineral, with a long, soft & distinctly fresh mouthfeel. Chill before serving…

Varietal: Verdeca

Puglia Italy

Biodynamic, unfiltered, sustainable, vegan



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