Domaine De Thalie: Les Pierres Levees ‘18


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‘Les Pierres Levees’ means the ‘raised stones’ as winemaker Peter called on the principles of Geo-biology (which tracks the influence of the planets on plant/soil life via geological conduits) & installed three massive granite stones called Menhirs in strategic spots in this vineyard. Menhirs are directed & polarized stones, arranged specifically to channel the telluric energy from the depths of the Earth and celestial energy from the sky. The menhirs balance these two energies in order to boost crop growth and resistance, and generally improve the vitality of living beings within the range of the stones. The resulting wines are positively shimmering with energy. The grapes from 60 year old vines undergo a semi-carbonic maceration with whole bunches in steel tanks. The wine had 20 days skin contact along with a couple of light punch-downs for extraction and structure. After pressing the wine was aged for 1 year in 500L ‘futs,’ before bottling. She’s oozing with juicy cherry and raspberry fruit supported by a keen acid line. Pure, intense, fresh & awesome- serve below room temp with a little chill to give her somewhere the go.

Varietal: Gamay

Macon-Bray, Burgundy, France

Organic, Biodynamic practises, unfiltered, sustainable, vegan





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