Bianco Carbo ‘18, Lammidia, Italy


Best buds from the age of 3, Davide & Marco grew into such rampant natty heads that they decided to make their own! Their slogan ‘100% grapes’ is frankly genius & their pash for the ‘glou glou’ (or glug glug, meaning utterly smashable) is hardcore realness. The name is born of a historic dialect, mmidia meaning envy or evil eye, kept at bay by ritual & blessings.
Hand harvested from a 1 hectare vineyard of 25 year old vines, this lightning bolt gets it’s name from undergoing whole bunch carbonic maceration as it spends 2 weeks in a carbon dioxide rich environment while fermentation begins. The vessel of choice for fermentation & ageing is concrete, leading to the development of intense fruit & balsamic notes while retaining freshness & acidity. Down the hatch…stat!

Varietal: Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Passerina
Villa Celiera, Abruzzo
Organic, skin contact, unfiltered, vegan

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