Belzebrut ‘18, La Sorga, France


La Sorga: To Arise. Antony is a bonafide point of reference for natty lovers the world over: A legendary negociant buying grapes from exceptional organic/biodynamic terroir from over 30 vineyards around the Languedoc. The boss man himself vinifies each parcel of land independently to preserve expressions of time & place…swoon worthy integrity right there. The Belzebrut is an easy-going smashable fizzer, both floral & mineral it’s anarchistic attitude belies it’s crowd pleasing nature. From basalt earth the grapes are direct pressed & fermented on the heavy lees for texture. Aged for 6 months, gravity bottled & hand disgorged. That crown cap is holding back the pressure of a London bus tyre so brace for a bang upon opening…

Varietal: Colombard
Herault Valley Languedoc
Organic, vegan, sulphite free

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