Amphorisme ’19, La Cave des Nomades, France


Aphorism: A clever, concise saying, intended to express a general truth; usually passed down from generation to generation like myths of old. A bit like the legendary status this unicorn wine has reached..! Jose, aka Ze, picked his fruit with levity and freshness in mind, character accentuated by the influence of the schist in the earth & the close proximity of the sea. The grapes are harvested & de-stemmed then fermented together in terracotta amphorae for 8 months. Given such a long maceration, the wine wears it lightly with a prominent salinity from the Grenaches shining through. A stunning richness from the Chardonnay balances divinely with the delicate, aromatic qualities of the Muscat PG for a truly once-in-a-vintage diamond of a wine. Delivering teeny tiny yields of grapes, winemaking in Banyuls is a serious challenge & a lifestyle choice, but the rewards can be simply breathtaking. This wine is the epitome of artisan; completely unique, incredibly rare, made with tear worthy integrity & embodying a divine ethos. I can guarantee you won’t have an opportunity to try her again…this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity folks!

Varietals: Muscat a petit Grains, Grenaches Blanc & Gris, Chardonnay

Roussillon, France

Biodynamic, Small batch, vegan, unfined

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