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Yamanashi Koshu

At the foothills of the epic Mount Fuji lie the vineyards of Yamanashi. After travelling along the Silk Road through China the Koshu grape appeared in the prefecture, along with Buddhism, around 700AD and has been cultivated for wine production for the last 130 years. While Koshu is a uniquely Japanese varietal it does contain traces of Vitis Vinifera DNA where hybridisation occurred at some point throughout it’s lineage but the grape long ago localised itself and became native to Japan.

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Slaying English Wine Week Like A Boss

English wine week usually means 7 days of kick ass promotions from retailers, visitor bonuses onsite at vineyards and a gloriously chaotic week venue hopping around London tasting releases and scribbling busily at masterclasses. While the retailer promos were still kicking off (thank god!) the rest of the activities moved online to a digital flurry of zooms and ‘e-tastings’…Innovative and necessary but man did I miss the buzz of a good old face to face energy exchange.

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Biodynamics Part 1

The universe is interconnected & this is really bloody important.

Biodynamics draw your attention to making conscious decisions about what it is that you’re ingesting; what is becoming you…what are you choosing to be a part of you?

My job is not to convert you into a hard core biodynamics groupie, it’s to remind you that you have a choice regarding the wine you consume & what you support with your money & energy!

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