Emerging Territories

Aside from my pash for minimal intervention wines I have a real sweet spot for an emerging territory. Since ’08 I’ve been flying & sailing clients all over the world for kick-ass wine adventures & working with regions & countries all over the Globe.

Emerging Territory wines may not be exclusively ‘natural’ or minimal intervention but they are awesomely unusual, culturally significant & very hard to locate elsewhere in the UK. It brings me epic joy to provide a platform to share their awesomeness to the wino community & please don’t hesitate to drop me a line for full portfolio details & prices.

Ever tried a wine from India?! If not then maybe you should…! Elegant, relevant, world class wines from this epic territory are crashing onto the global market scene. They’re covetable, rare as unicorns & each bottle is brimming with an exotic tale behind the label. I’m a huge fan, the landscape looks like Jurassic park, & I’ve even had a few articles published on the territory…take a peek.